Discover Copenhagen – A Perfect Vacation in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark, a tiny country in Europe. This captivating town has gained much recognition among holidaymakers travelling to Europe.

The town is not only famous for its natural charm, but also for its rich culture and heritage. This tiny town has much to offer the visitor, with a rich history going back approximately 1000 years.

The geographical position of this town in Denmark is unique, as unlike other capitals, it is found in the eastern part of the country. Its location near the mouth of the Baltic Sea makes it unique. Cruise ships anchor at the harbour and the view of the harbour from a higher ground is impressive. All sizes of ships are seen dotting this gigantic expanse of sea. Strategically, the town once played an exceedingly important role in Western European politics.

For roughly eight hundred years, a significant part of Sweden formed part of the Danish Dominion. This part is today’s Southern Sweden, but earlier the town was directly in the centre of the Danish Dominion, occupying the ultimate position.

The town offers a fine selection of attractions, for example: museums, art studios, The Tivoli Gardens, The Central Square etc., for the tourist to explore. If visitors are flying to Copenhagen, they can enjoy viewing one or two islands, windmills and a large bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark from the sky above.
Nowadays’ budget air tickets to Copenhagen are offered by leading carriers for example: Air China, English Airways and Air France etc. Inexpensive plane tickets are available for flights to Copenhagen almost all year round.

It is better to explore the town on foot as this way you will come across the local Danish folk in their own environment, and partake of their lifestyle. Bicycles are an ideal way to explore Copenhagen and are available to rent, and you can ramble readily round the town. This way the town stays pollution free.

Unlike many other Western European towns, Copenhagen is still lacking in skyscrapers dotting the skyline. Visitors are able to see the old historic buildings with their original green roofs, and these classic buildings add a definite charm to the town. Copenhagen also has an effectual public transport system. Tubes and the Metro line make it eminently possible for you to enjoy the tourist sights easily.

Copenhagen inhabitants enjoy a high standard of living, and this town is also thought to be the planet’s most environmentally friendly town. In spite of being a major centre for science, humanities, media, finance, research and structure, it still manages to maintain an environmentally friendly standing. You will therefore be pleasantly surprised at the pristine condition and cleanliness of this fine town.

Despite being one of the most expensive towns in the world, cheap flights to Copenhagen are available at very competitive prices.

When so much has been asserted about the town, let us see what places one can visit when in Copenhagen.

Amalienborg Palace

Amalienborg Palace is a wonder of design and has a beautiful octagonal garden. It is certainly an entertaining place, if you are enthusiastic about glancing into the regal abode!

Canal Tours

The canal tours are available and fun, although it is advisable to obtain the assistance of a travel guide as this is the best way that important points of the tour and fascinating stories and folklores, are displayed to their best advantage.


One of the most populated destinations for visitors is Christiania, also known as the ‘free city’ of the town.

Other Attractions

  • Karen Blixen Museum – Previous home for the writer Karen Blixen
  • Christiansburg Palace – The place for functions and events of the Imperial family
  • The Kranborg Castle, Now an International Heritage Preservation Site, this is a renaissance castle with fortresses and battlements – a sight to behold.
  • Louisiana Museum – The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is a good spot for the art enthusiast.

There are also a few gardens and parks where you can enjoy a peaceful retreat.

If you’re visiting Copenhagen with children, you might like to visit The King’s Garden, which is popular during the summer months, and offers family entertainment including puppet-shows etc.

With lakes, canals, boat-tours and wide open spaces, there is the Frederiksberg Gardens which also contains a Chinese Gazebo. Nearby there is an elephant enclosure where elephants sometimes may be seen entertaining the youngsters.

For food and dining, there are many options available. There are diners for brunch with some offering full Danish meals. If you are a food lover, you may wish to try one of the numerous seafood restaurants and also the fine bakeries and patisseries. Also available are numerous steak houses and fine dining and organic restaurants. There are vegetarian trattorias – romantic ones, kid friendly ones, and inexpensive ones, in fact one to fit every pocket. The cuisine on offer in Copenhagen is delicious and diverse; in fact whatever takes your fancy is on offer here in Copenhagen.

Due to competitively priced airline tickets, Copenhagen, all in all, offers good value for money with the opportunity to partake in a wonderful culture, with its fine choice of exquisite buildings, castles, gardens and parks, and many other treasures.