The Beauty Of Ibiza, Spain Travel Guide

If you are one of those people who love a lot of sunshine, warm air and beautiful views, then the Spanish Island of Ibiza is definitely for you.

It is situated 79 kilometres off the coast of Spain, in the Mediterranean Sea and is easy to visit as it has its own airport, but you can also land on the mainland and travel by ship to add an additional experience to your vacation. Among the major towns on the island are Ibiza Town, San Antonio and Santa Eulària des Riu.

The history of this island and those around it, known as the Balearic Islands, goes back a long time, but evidence of commercial usage goes back to 400BC, as it became a major trading port for the Mediterranean. The island was conquered in 1110 BC by a Norwegian king during the crusades, and was then conquered by the army of the English king, James 1st, in 1235. The island eventually became autonomous, but was taken under Spain’s governing body in 1715 and so it remains to this day.

Although the island isn’t large, it is one of the tourism capitals of the world, and attracts tens of thousands of people during the summer months for its nightlife, in addition to all the other attractions this island has to offer. Although the main visitors to this island are under 30 years of age, the local tourist board has been promoting all the other aspects of the island which are great for the family and couples both young and old.

Things to Do

• Visit one of the many beautiful beaches on the island with most having white sand and crystal clear blue waters.

• Explore the island’s countryside, including the forests and vineyards.

• Take a cruise to one of the other local islands.

• Parasailing has become big business, and if you have never tried this, then do have a go; safety is important here, so you have nothing to fear.

• Visit during the ‘wharf side festival’, which involves numerous feasts, with many local dishes on offer, made with local produce and the exquisite fish caught locally.

• Ensure you visit the ‘Hippie Market’ in Es’ Cana, a very pretty place. It is easy to travel here by taxi or bus, and once you arrive you will find market stalls selling all sorts of hippie paraphernalia, including leather work i.e. hats, belts etc.

• Visit the famous rock ‘Es Vedra’. This is in Cala D’Hort and reaches 400 metres in height, and is in one of the islands few nature reserves. To see it at its best, a visit at sunset is desirable.

• Go to Atlantis, a beautiful hidden beach cove on the west coast.

• Eat freshly cooked Paella on the beach. You will find a number of these events around the island, where the food is prepared in a massive paella dish on the beach in huge quantities, and everyone can partake in this feast.

• Take a trip to the small island ‘Es Palmador’ on a boat and participate in the experience of the natural mud baths. This is said to be an excellent treatment for your skin, it can then be washed off in the crystal clear waters that surround the island.

• Take a diving lesson and then go out into the open sea and swim amongst the local marine life. The cost incorporates the hire of diving gear, training, as well as being taken out to sea by a fully qualified instructor, who will dive with you.

• Hire a sailing boat and spend the day at sea cruising between these beautiful islands.


Temperatures in Ibiza seldom drop below 5C during the winter months, but even then it can reach over 15C in the afternoon. During July and August you can see temperatures hitting 30C, which may be too hot for some people, but the temperature ranges throughout the year will suit everyone at some point. Rainfall is around 60mm from September to December, and by the time you reach July you will be lucky to see a shower.

Places to Eat

• ‘Cipriani’
This is a new restaurant but has fast become one of the islands favourites. The food is a mixture of both Italian and Japanese cuisine, and the uniqueness of the place is what draws the crowds.

• ‘El Ayoun’
This restaurant boasts a blend of French and Moroccan Cuisine, and is great for seafood lovers.

• ‘KM5’
Made famous in the 90’s, this place covers a large area, and consists of a nightclub, art gallery, boutique, numerous bars, and a restaurant. Food is local, French and Argentinian.

• ‘Aura’
Found in the northern part of the island, this restaurant is used by many Hollywood actors, and the local menu ensures you get a full taste of the island.

• ‘Sa Capella’
Situated in a church built in the 16th century, this restaurant is great for anyone wanting a romantic meal. All food is of Spanish origin and uses only fresh local produce.

• ‘El Pirata’
Reckoned to be the best for pizza’s on the island.

There are numerous high quality restaurants on Ibiza to suit every palette including Chinese, Indian, and Italian.


No matter where you go on the island you will find numerous bars and clubs. Alcoholic drinks are very cheap, but please be aware that the authorities have tightened up on drunken behaviour. Nightlife starts around 7pm and Ibiza Town is the main nightclub hub.

• ‘Pacha’
This is the most expensive club on the island, but then it is the very best, and if you are looking for a night club that gives you VIP treatment then this is the place to be.

• ‘Space’
Multi award-winning club and it is open throughout the summer season.

• ‘Amnesia’
This club attracts some of the world’s best DJ’s and runs various events throughout the week.

Ibiza is an ideal holiday destination for both young and old. If you wish for buzz and excitement, you have it. However, if you wish for spectacular scenery, superb beaches, pretty fishing villages or stunning views overlooking the island from a mountainous position whilst exploring the island by car, this beautiful island will not disappoint you.