Wadduwa, The Tropical Paradise

Wadduwa is a tropical paradise, which is reminiscent of the well-known history of the Sri Lanka railway network.

The major attractions in Wadduwa rely on beach life, which comprises of golden virgin sands. The shores are among the most beautiful in the world, with gin clear seas.

Located 70 kilometres from the local international airport, Wadduwa is located on the western Sri Lankan coast, about 35 kilometres from Colombo. Historically, the town has always been accessible through rail, with the main occupation being fishing.

With the numerous palm trees dotting the coastline, Wadduwa prides itself on superb sunbathing conditions, and windsurfing is the main water sport in the area. There are other water sports widely available, which include beach volleyball, and occasional boat racing. For the shopping enthusiast, there are various shops and boutiques, selling traditional masks, jewellery and local woodcarvings. There are also some shops on the main roads which sell fresh coconut juice and other juices as well as tropical fruits.

Wadduwa is known the world over for the Ayurveda treatment, which is similar to yoga. This ancient treatment method embraces dieting, meditation and yoga. Due to the popularity of this, the area has grown to an ‘Ayurveda haven’, with numerous health spas and centres. Originating from the local culture, Ayurveda has gained worldwide popularity.
The nightlife here includes several bars and restaurants, most of which are hotel-based, occasionally offering traditional shows.

Life here is naturally slow and quiet, and for anyone looking for a tropical retreat with one of the best beaches in the world, then this is the place to be. Here you can escape the big full-on resorts, as the beaches are superb and often deserted, making them ideal for visitors who wish to relax and unwind.

Like many countries in the region, the growing number of hotels, resorts and spas, are a clear indication of the tourism potential, which still remains unexploited. Like many of the resorts along the coast, the potential for tourism in the area is yet to be fully exploited. Most restaurants, on the other hand, are confined to the hotels, as the mood is not yet developed for dining out. Luckily, with the distance to Colombo only 63 kilometres, it makes much sense to hire a taxi and travel to the capital city, where you can there indulge in those finer clubs and restaurants, which offer lively and more modern entertainment.

Popular attractions in Wadduwa include:

  • Colombo, the capital city,
  • The Turtle Hatchery (Galle),
  • The Elephant Orphanage,
  • Ratnapura Gem Mines,
  • Sinharaja Rainforest,

The town of Wadduwa prides itself on three major hotels:

  • The ‘Reef Hotel’
  • The ‘Blue Water Hotel’
  • The ‘Spa and Hibiscus Hotel’

Generally, Wadduwa is an awakening destination, with many unspoiled beaches to explore. Its tourism and business potential remain unexploited despite the early settlement of its vantage position on the railway network. The natural palms, sandy beaches along with the ‘Sinharaja rainforest’, are a birdwatchers paradise. The locals are extremely welcoming, and eager to entertain, proudly displaying their traditions and culture through their traditional music, dance and art.