Vacationing In Kalami, Corfu

The island of Corfu is situated off of the western coast of Greece, near the Greek and Albanian Border.

It is a beautiful setting within the island, and one of the most popular destinations for tourists, due to its lush green forests of evergreen olive trees, and miles of sandy beaches set along the azure waters of the Ionian Sea.

The history of Corfu goes back to Greek mythology and is entwined within the larger Greek saga of the island. Specifically, it has a story of conquest and occupation of various factions that weaves a fascinating story. Because of the warring struggles of the past, there are many castles that tower above rocky shores and etched into landscapes of unending beauty.

Historically, the earliest writings that have been found date back to 1300 BC. Various Greek figures of Mythology, such as Apollonius of Rhodes and Jason, are said to have lived here as well as other mythical figures. The first recorded settlers came from Corinth in 730 BC, no doubt attracted by the fertile plains in the south of the island and the island’s commercial proximity on the way to trade routes.

The Venetians came to rule the island in medieval times, in the early 1400’s AD. This occurred after many years of conquerors such as Macedonia, Italy, and Greek rulers. From the 1400’s to the 1700’s further exploits included the Turks, and other interlopers, but the Ottoman Empire prevailed, until the Venetians again prevailed in 1715.

The Venetians were very influential culturally with the introduction of opera, fine arts and architectural influences still seen today.

In 1797 the island was relinquished to the French who occupied it for two years, until the Turks ran them off. The Treaty of Paris in 1815 made all of the Greek islands a protectorate of the United Kingdom. A prosperous time under the British called for the building roads. The Greek language became the official language, and the water supply was improved. In 1864, the island was officially transferred over to Greece under the Treaty of London.

World War I and World War II were difficult times for the inhabitants of Corfu and the Jewish population suffered heavily under German occupation. Many historical landmarks and churches were damaged or destroyed.

After liberation and after the two world wars, Corfu was rebuilt into the beautiful setting that we see today.

Corfu is a thriving tourism spot as well as having the spectacular scenery and ancient traditions.

Kalami is a fishing village located on the northeast coast of Corfu. It is nestled in a cove rimmed by a gulf of clear blue water. Upon further investigation, however, one uncovers appealing labyrinths of hotels, apartments, beach houses and delightful restaurants and cafes.

Kalami is a desired and popular destination for people of all walks of life. Families enjoy the wholesome outdoors, and couples appreciate the romantic settings and allure of the sea. Families with children and teenagers will find plenty to do in the Kalami area.

The beaches of the area are fantastic for swimming as the waters are clear and inviting. Kalami Bay is a cove and thus protected from the stronger waves and currents of the sea. A popular swimming beach is Fine Shingle Beach. Kalami Beach is another popular spot for swimming. There are showers, toilets and changing areas available to the public.

The area of Kalami is well known for the Durrel’s White House and its dazzling beach nearby. This house overlooks Kalami Bay and is the house where the author Laurence Durell lived while writing the book “Propero’s Cell”. The house now is a taverna and there are apartments available to rent upstairs. The White House Restaurant is located in Durrel’s White House also. The specialty of the house is seafood, collected by their own fishing boat, so guests are assured that the fare is always fresh. The restaurant is committed to fine Greek dining with the inclusion of an extensive wine cellar.

Dimitris Restaurant is another culinary delight, which no tourist would want to miss. This restaurant offers traditional Greek food with an outdoor patio, where traditional Greek music is on show Wednesdays and Saturdays. The taverna is situated on a hill above Kalami and is a favourite among the locals.

The Kalami Beach restaurant is located right on the beach, with a magnificent view. The food is authentic Mediterranean cuisine with additional recipes originating from the local area.

The accommodations in the Kalami area range from apartments, villas, houses and hotels. It is difficult to make a bad choice, as any decision in this area is going to result in a wonderful view and courteous service. There is an abundance of facilities from which to choose and there are no undesirable locations.

Regardless of where a tourist might be staying, the rental of a boat is something of a must. This will allow the tourist to travel more easily whilst encompassing swimming, fishing and diving areas, to the various beaches, restaurants and tavernas.

The Taverna Agni is in a scenic beachside location accessible by boat, making the day an exceptional experience.

It is a favourite pastime to be enjoyed is to rent a yacht for more advanced exploration of other Greek islands that are in close proximity. The boats can be chartered with or without a captain, depending upon the sailing experience of the group.

A holiday in Kalami, Corfu, will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed, due to its laid back way of life, leisurely pace, panoramic views and gentle way of life. Corfu is indeed a truly beautiful island.